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Smiles by Farr is the dental practice of Dr. Michael I. Farr. Voted 2015’s Best Dentist in Huntley IL. Smiles by Farr is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of dental care. Our experienced staff is trained in all aspects of cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry, giving you comprehensive care no matter what. Our practice philosophy is to put the patient first, providing you with options that suit your needs and goals for 100% satisfaction. Stop by anytime for a cleaning or periodontal treatment. Schedule your appointment today!

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Feeling Pain?

Click on the chart below to learn what may be causing you pain:

I Have Pain In My Tooth
  • Touch / Bite
    • Abscess – A dead nerve that has become infected and the infection is spreading into the surrounding jaw bone.
    • Fracture – A break in the root structure that is allowing the pieces to move about each other and cause an infection in the surrounding jaw bone.
    • Recent Dental Work – Recent dental restorations may be interfering with the bite, causing trauma to the ligaments supporting the tooth.
    • Concussion – A bruise to the ligaments from an injury.
  • Temperature
    • Cavity – Bacterial infection of the tooth that is exposing the tubules housing the nerve.
    • Gum Recession – Root surface revealed that exposes the tubules housing the nerve.
    • Recent Dental Work – Bite is interfered with, causing injury to the nerve.
    • Concussion – A bruise to the nerve from an injury.
    • Whitening – Nerve has been stimulated through fluid movement in tooth.
  • On Its Own
    • Inflamed Nerve – Degenerating condition; nerve dying.

For cleanings, periodontal treatments, or any of the conditions above, schedule an appointment with Dr. Farr.

I Have Pain In My Gum
  • Gum Disease – Bacterial infection resulting in inflamed gums and/or bone loss occurring around teeth.
  • Abscess – Infection resulting from bacteria spreading from or around a tooth.
  • Canker Sores – Ulcers on the gums that occur during times of stress and are caused by body’s immune system.
  • Cold Sores – Outbreak of viral infection caused by herpes simples virus that occurs usually on lips but may occur on the gums as well.

For cleanings, periodontal treatments, or any of the conditions above, schedule an appointment with Dr. Farr.

I Have Pain In My Jaw
  • Pain Upon Opening – Could be a disc displacement, muscle problem, or joint derangement/disease.
  • Can’t Fully Open Mouth – Same as pain on opening.
  • Jaw Moves to One Side – Disc displacement, fracture, or joint derangement/disease.
  • Jaw Gets Stuck – Joints overextended.

For cleanings, periodontal treatments, or any of the conditions above, schedule an appointment with Dr. Farr.

I Have A Cosmetic Issue
  • Chipped / Broken
    • Decay – Bacterial infection of the tooth that causes loss of a part of tooth.
    • Trauma – Accident like a fall or hit to the mouth.
    • Grinding – Loss of edges of teeth from sliding back and forth.
  • Discoloration
    • External Staining – Food coloring, tobacco, coffee/tea, decay.
    • Internal Staining – Occurs during formation of teeth such as tetracycline use or over ingestion of fluoride.
    • Old Fillings – Leaking due to open margins or failed bonding.
  • Straightness
    • Wear (Grinding) – Uneven edges due to grinding more on one side than the other.
    • Missing Teeth – Resulting in drifting of other teeth out of alignment.
    • Hereditary – Parents had crooked teeth.
      • Growth & Development
      • Tooth Size / Arch Shape

For cleanings, periodontal treatments, or any of the conditions above, schedule an appointment with Dr. Farr.

I Have A Broken Filling
  • Cavity – Decay spread under filling and undermined it.
  • Broken Tooth – Tooth fractured and stopped supporting filling.

For cleanings, periodontal treatments, or any of the conditions above, schedule an appointment with Dr. Farr.

I Have A Missing Tooth
  • Other Teeth Shifting – Teeth around space shift, tilt, or grow out of gums.
    • Bite collapse loss of height of lower face due to shifting.
    • Joint issues due to bite interference that result from shifting.
  • Overload of Remaining Teeth – Remaining teeth have to pick up the work that the tooth/teeth that are missing did.
    • Break down faster.
    • Lose remaining teeth.
  • Poor Appearance – As a result of drifting and change in teeth position.

For cleanings, periodontal treatments, or any of the conditions above, schedule an appointment with Dr. Farr.

I Have A Snoring Problem
  • Tongue Position – Tongue falls back into airway space.
  • Obesity – Fat deposits in throat constrict airway space and make tissues flap more with breathing.
  • Swollen Adenoids/Tonsils – Constrict airway space.

For cleanings, periodontal treatments, or any of the conditions above, schedule an appointment with Dr. Farr.

Disclaimer: This diagram represents potential causes of a condition and is not a professional diagnosis. Contact Dr. Farr to schedule an appointment for a professional diagnosis.

Doug LiaDoug Lia
19:41 17 Nov 22
What a great place to go! Everyone from Dr. Farr to all his staff are always pleasant and helpful. Dr. Farr is the best dentist in all my 70+ years I've been to! He is knowledgeable and used the most up to date equipment. He is aware of his patients and their pain levels from an "ouch" to a flinch and responds immediately. I started to see Dr. Farr after my grandchildren (even the 4 year old) said how good he was! What better recommendation can you have!
22:50 08 Nov 22
I am glad I was referred to this place a few years back. My family and I have had nothing but great care given by Dr Farr and his team. Mike is a genuine stand up guy and is really down to earth and works very hard at what he does. All the hygienist are great too, very gentle and skilled!When you go in for a visit, you feel like you’re visiting friends rather than a patient visiting a doctor and his staff. When I arrive at my appointments, I don’t feel like my mouth is a money printing machine as I have with other dentist. I trust when Mike says there is a problem, he’s being honest and is doing it because it truly needs to be done.A lot of the problems I have were caused by a dentist when I was a teenager (about 25 years ago) that cared more about making money with his drill than protecting the health of my teeth doing things that didn’t need to be done. With one of my previous dentists, a skilled dentist, but when you heard him talking about his upcoming trip to Hawaii you knew he was going to say your entire family needed a deep cleaning at $1200 each. When he told my wife (fiancé at the time) that she needed a deep cleaning less than a year after having one done. I don’t know that they even checked her history before they said it. He had no idea of our relationship and 2 days later he told me the same thing! So instead of doing fillings, his scam was deep cleanings. I never went back and have never had any subsequent dentist say anything about needing a deep cleaning done on either of us. We tried a few more dentist before landing on Dr Farr on a referral from a friend and it’s been terrific for me, my wife and kids!Having trust in your dentist is a must and I have not trusted any dentist as much as I do Dr Farr.Thank you to everyone in this office!
Kristen LanzKristen Lanz
19:04 28 Sep 22
Finally found a dentist that makes me feel comfortable! The entire staff is always friendly, hygienists are so kind and gentle and Dr. Farr is phenomenal! I’m no longer nervous to visit the dentist and he never pushes unnecessary work! No question the best in the area.
Trevor VogelTrevor Vogel
13:01 22 Sep 22
Dr Farr and his staff are the best around . You’re always greeted by the front desk staff (Danielle) and the lady cleaning cleaning my teeth (Indian lady) is so sweet and does a thorough cleaning every time. Dr. Farr takes his time with you and treats you like family. My children love him. He never pushes cavities or crowns. Trustworthy dentist. Wouldn’t go anywhere else !!
Megan NowickiMegan Nowicki
22:30 11 Aug 22
I've been a patient here for three years now. I live in Elgin, but don't mind the drive at all. Dr Farr and I share a birthday. Everyone is amazing and so great. Dr Farr by Farr(pun intended) is the sweetest and most amazing dentist. He takes the time to chat with you and gives awesome high fives.The staff is super friendly and personable as well. They're open, honest and seriously care about the patients. I'm bias, April is the coolest hygienist. I've only had her work on my teeth.

Our Promise To You:

At Smiles by Farr, we aim to take the pain out of going to the dentist. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality of treatment. Try as we might, we can’t control everything. That’s why we work hard to make sure the things we can control go well. The well-trained staff at Smiles by Farr are here for you. Answers, appointments, and care are just a phone call away. Smiles for a lifetime – Smiles by Farr.

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